onsdag 7. desember 2011


Really, why do I? No one reads it, no one comments it, and I never update.... I think my problem is that I suck at updating it, fack, I should blog about cute animals, thats more fun that what I were from day today.

Btw, this is my awesome dawg

mandag 31. oktober 2011

onsdag 26. oktober 2011


So my boyfriend turned nineteen the 5.10, so this is pics of my gift to him, kinda liked the wrapping:P
Btw I made the macaroons myself, and I love pandas, if you wondered about the panda team.

fredag 21. oktober 2011

onsdag 19. oktober 2011

The Childlike emperess grew up?

So I'm working on a small collection inspired by clouds, this in one of the finished pieces I've made. I'm quite proud of it actually, it is just like I visioned it. I wanted it to have graphic cuts, but with fabric that makes you think of the softness of the clouds.

søndag 16. oktober 2011

lørdag 15. oktober 2011