søndag 30. januar 2011

Silvery Stardust

Hi, so I bought this lovely hood/scarf/thingy on sale, isn't it lovely? It's from Monki btw. Ps: Notice my lovely glittery, silver nail-polish. And yes I am most definitely abusing the word lovely, it's just that it is so lovely!

torsdag 27. januar 2011

tirsdag 25. januar 2011

mandag 24. januar 2011


I been back from Paris since thursday, I'm the worst blogger ever that haven't yet blogged about my trip!

tirsdag 11. januar 2011

mandag 10. januar 2011

torsdag 6. januar 2011

tirsdag 4. januar 2011

The year that went

So i know this is totally boring for ehm, well everyone sense i don't really have a life, but sense I have no new pictures of cool stuff as we are going inn in the new year I going to tell you about the last one. 1, This is my lovely class from 09/10. 2, Yeah i being sporty on a skiing holiday, and animals just gotta love me! 3, it finally became spring. 4, I had my own art-show with pictures of me taken by me. 5, 17 of may, the birthday of all Norwegians. 6, one of the last days at school before summer. 7, ehm me in a bed of flowers? 8, celebrating my birthday with friends. 9, Hanging out with ''celebrities'' in a garden party in London. 10, The Øya festival with my best-friend. 11, borrowing my sisters flat in Oslo. 11, My new class 10/11. 12, Fancydressparty, me as Colombia from Rocky horror picture show. 13, Halloween. 14, oh hey I've got myself a boyfriend. 15, Christmas dinner for friends. 16. the only picture of on Christmas eve. 17, bathtub and shaving of boyfriend the day before new years eve.
Sorry again for bad English...

lørdag 1. januar 2011